The New Drug Xylazine is deadly: Simplifying and Enhancing Reliable Drug Testing a MUST!

Blood has long been recognized as the gold standard for accurate and reliable toxicology testing. However, its invasive and inconvenient nature, requiring a phlebotomist and blood draw, has been a significant drawback. Fortunately, Physicians Toxicology has revolutionized blood testing, introducing a less invasive, fast, and convenient solution with our Small Volume Blood Toxicology Tests. Our […]

Pill Predicament: Uncovering Medication Theft in Nursing Homes and Hospice Care

Introduction: The theft of medications in nursing homes and hospice care facilities has become an increasingly alarming issue in recent years. This problem not only jeopardizes the well-being of vulnerable patients who rely on these medications for their health, but also highlights the need for stricter regulations and improved security measures in these facilities. In […]

Tox Triumph: Mastering Compliance in the Ever-Changing Toxicology Lab Landscape

Introduction: The rapidly evolving landscape of toxicology testing laboratories presents numerous challenges for maintaining compliance with industry regulations and guidelines. One such challenge is the responsibility laboratories face when determining medical necessity when a doctor orders a test, or questioning a well-educated doctor’s decisions. This 4500-word blog post will delve into the complexities of compliance […]