The New Drug Xylazine is deadly: Simplifying and Enhancing Reliable Drug Testing a MUST!

Blood has long been recognized as the gold standard for accurate and reliable toxicology testing. However, its invasive and inconvenient nature, requiring a phlebotomist and blood draw, has been a significant drawback. Fortunately, Physicians Toxicology has revolutionized blood testing, introducing a less invasive, fast, and convenient solution with our Small Volume Blood Toxicology Tests.

Our Small Volume Blood Toxicology Tests offer a groundbreaking alternative that simplifies and enhances the reliability of blood testing. With our comprehensive test menu, we can swiftly detect a wide range of drugs, including xylazine. Notably, Physicians Toxicology’s laboratory was among the first to test for xylazine, and our advanced test can detect levels as low as 2 ng/mL in the blood.

What sets Physicians Toxicology apart is our client-focused and innovative approach to testing. We prioritize our clients’ needs and are highly responsive, enabling us to introduce additional drug tests at an accelerated rate. We continuously strive to stay at the forefront of advancements in toxicology testing to better serve our esteemed medical community.

By leveraging our Small Volume Blood Toxicology Tests, you can offer your patients a superior testing experience while maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and reliability. Say goodbye to the inconveniences associated with traditional blood draws and embrace our state-of-the-art testing methodology.

Physicians Toxicology is committed to providing you with exceptional testing services that meet your specific requirements. We are dedicated to driving advancements in the field of toxicology testing, and we invite you to join us on this transformative journey.

Why we wanted to start testing so quickly!

We, Physicians Toxicology, are writing to underscore the critical importance of swift and accurate testing for Xylazine, a highly dangerous drug that has emerged as a grave threat within the illicit drug supply. With alarming speed, Xylazine, also known as Tranq, Tranq Dope, and Zombie Drug, has infiltrated the streets, often mixed with other substances such as heroin and fentanyl, resulting in perilous and unpredictable drug combinations that pose significant harm to users.

Originating as an animal sedative, Xylazine is unequivocally unsuitable for human consumption at any dosage. Notably, this substance does not respond to naloxone, making its detection all the more crucial for ensuring positive patient outcomes.

The urgency to test for Xylazine cannot be overstated. Our collective responsibility as healthcare professionals is to combat this epidemic by swiftly identifying and addressing its presence in affected individuals. By implementing rapid Xylazine testing protocols, we can effectively safeguard lives and intervene with appropriate treatments.

At Physicians Toxicology, we recognize the gravity of the situation and have taken decisive action to prioritize the development and deployment of tests that detect Xylazine with unparalleled accuracy and speed. Our commitment to cutting-edge research and innovation equips us to stay one step ahead of this evolving crisis, enabling us to provide you with the necessary tools for early detection and intervention.

By partnering with Physicians Toxicology and adopting our rapid Xylazine testing protocols, you can play an instrumental role in curtailing the impact of this deadly epidemic. Together, we can save lives and safeguard the well-being of our communities.

We urge you to take immediate action by incorporating Xylazine testing into your diagnostic arsenal. By doing so, you join a community of dedicated healthcare professionals committed to combating the spread of this lethal drug and protecting vulnerable individuals from its pernicious effects.

Speed and Stability of the Blood

Drugs are detectable in blood within minutes to hours, whereas in urine, they must be metabolized before they are detectable by a drug test. Plus, most drugs are stable in small volume blood specimens for at least 10 days at room temperature and 30 days when refrigerated or frozen.

Maintaining the Sample’s Chain of Custody

Each collection kit includes a clamshell with two VAMS tips. The clamshells and tips are individually labeled with a unique identifier. Additionally, a requisition number is attached to the clamshell at the time of collection.

Once the sample arrives at the lab, it is assigned a specimen number. The sample can be easily traced by these identifiers throughout each process to ensure the chain of custody of the sample is maintained.

Unlocking the Potential of Small Volume Blood Testing in Addiction Medicine

We are thrilled to share with you a groundbreaking advancement in toxicology testing that promises to revolutionize addiction medicine. For years, urine testing has served as the gold standard, but it comes with inherent limitations and vulnerabilities. The risk of sample adulteration, the use of fake urine samples, and the “shy bladder” excuse have posed significant challenges in maintaining the integrity of urine-based testing.

Recognizing these drawbacks, Physicians Toxicology has embarked on a transformative journey to introduce a superior solution: Small Volume Blood Testing. We firmly believe that this innovative approach will redefine the landscape of addiction medicine and offer unparalleled accuracy, reliability, and convenience for both patients and healthcare professionals.

While blood has long been hailed as the most reliable and accurate matrix for drug testing, its invasive and inconvenient nature has hindered widespread adoption. However, with our small volume blood testing methodology, these concerns are rendered obsolete. Our tests are fast and efficient, capable of detecting the presence of drugs within minutes of use, all with a simple finger prick. Gone are the days of complicated and invasive blood draws, replaced by a streamlined process that maximizes patient comfort and minimizes inconvenience.

What sets Physicians Toxicology’s small volume blood testing apart is its exceptional accuracy and reliability, qualities that are essential in addiction medicine. By leveraging our advanced testing technology, healthcare professionals can confidently diagnose and monitor patients, allowing for precise and personalized treatment plans. We firmly believe that this innovative approach represents the future of toxicology, marking a pivotal shift in addiction medicine practices.