Xylazine Drug Testing

The rise of xylazine in the drug market requires immediate action. Physicians Toxicology now offers a clinical urine test for xylazine, aiming for precise analysis. This new test gives healthcare providers crucial insights for better treatment plans, improving patient care as xylazine use increases.

What is Xylazine?

Xylazine, a non-opioid sedative exclusively sanctioned for veterinary purposes in the United States, is commonly known on the streets as “tranq” and “tranq dope.” While it is frequently encountered alongside fentanyl, it has also been discovered in mixtures containing cocaine, heroin, and various other illicit substances.

The presence of xylazine in illicit drug combinations, especially when combined with fentanyl, poses a significant threat throughout the United States. Despite its non-opioid classification, xylazine can induce respiratory depression similar to that seen in opioid overdoses, elevating the risk of fatal consequences.Naloxone, commonly used to counteract opioid effects, cannot reverse the symptoms of Xylazine intoxication, leaving victims in need of additional life-saving measures.

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Physicians Toxicology adheres to the quality standards set forth by CLIA and CAP. CAP's stringent requirements often go above and beyond the standard, enhancing patient care and safety.

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Healthcare providers require unwavering confidence when making treatment decisions. To achieve this, a toxicology testing solution must be not only prompt but also highly dependable. Physicians Toxicology has been collaborating with healthcare providers since 2012, and our experience has revealed a common challenge: many providers struggle to access timely toxicology testing when it’s needed most. This is precisely why Physicians Toxicology offers an array of testing and monitoring services, ensuring that every treatment decision you make is characterized by unwavering confidence.

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